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Chipie - Shoes you will be glad to have

These shoes from Chipie look great and you will be sure to love them. The brand is known for always coming up with great styles for their shoes since 1989. They make sure that their shoes not only look great on you, but that you will be able to wear them daily. Chipie is a brand that you will be sure to want to grab a pair of as they are made for women and children with a lightweight design with great style. They are a choice you won’t regret wearing everyday thanks to their comfort and uplifting patterns.

Chipie - A story of French creativity

Chipie was founded in late 1967 in Carcassonne in southern France by the 17 year old Jean-Michel Signoles after having built up his skills working with imported vintage clothes from the United States. The brand opened in December of that year and initially produced mainly denim clothes due to their popularity during the 70’s, while still maintaining their unique style that gave shoppers something with a different twist on the classic style. It was not until 1989 that they began selling shoes and it did not take long before they became the success story that people around the world know today.

Chipie shoes for kids

With the children’s selection, Chipie serves up shoes that will be sure to let your kids look great while also making sure that there is nothing that will hinder their enjoyment. They are well known for having a great style that are perfect with kids due to their ability to continually keep up with what the little ones are sure to love. Some of these include their ability to find shoes with their favorite animal on them whether it be a cat, a dog, or lion that will be sure to hit. Even better, Chipie’s selection for kids are available in both sneaker and boot models.

Chipie women’s selection online on our store

Chipie’s women collection is known the most for their shoe options where you can find a variety to chose from. One option are their fabric shoes that offer that classic everyday look that don’t just look good, but also will keep your feet feeling great all day. You can also go for a pair of leather shoes that come in an assortment of colors to match every outfit in your closet. With a pair of Chipie’s you still stay chipper from dawn to desk while out on the town or while on holiday walking along streets for the first time. Take a look at Chipie shoes on our store today and pick out your favourite pair.

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