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Moda Di Fausto

Moda Di Fausto

Moda Di Fausto – shoes with Italian souls

It’s clear to see the Italian heritage in the Moda di Fausto range. That indefinable quality that makes you think of baking heat on cool architecture, vibrant flowers and the chatter of beautiful tongues over delicious pasta. When you visit Italy, it’s easy to see why it’s considered one of the fashion capitals of the world as there is such a high percentage of men and women who are well dressed in highly fashionable clothes and shoes. Although the damp climate of the UK cannot compete with Italian sunshine, there is still a chance to bring a little bit of Italy into your life with a pair of Moda di Fausto shoes.

How it all began for Moda Di Fausto

The brand was established in 1978 thanks to the talent of founder and namesake Fausto Ballin who started the company. Almost 40 years later, the brand is still going strong, keeping craftsmanship and high quality materials as core values in their production, and the delicate balance of traditional and modern fashion as the inspiration in their designs. The good news about Moda di Fausto has now spread worldwide and you should not be surprised to see the shoes being worn on a New York street or in a Tokyo bar.

Moda Di Fausto style for British shoe lovers

When it comes to Italian fashion, it’s all about the deep colours and bold patterns. However, the colour palette and pattern choice is often out of sync with our more laid-back approach in the UK. That’s why it’s often best to wear your Moda di Fausto shoes with an entirely black outfit so that they become the talking point and highlight of the ensemble. This allows the Italian flair to shine and avoids unnecessary clashes between opposing design concepts and colour spectra.

Moda Di Fausto online at our store

In the past, when you wanted to buy Italian shoes, your only choice was to hop on a plane. Even further back, you would have had to spend days on a boat. Now however, you can order anything you want from around the world and have it delivered directly to your doorstep. Why not visit Italy vicariously and sample a little of that fabulous culture without moving from behind your laptop screen. Your surfing adventures become real expeditions when you bring back such souvenirs to show for it. Try placing an order and see what happens!

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